What is the correct way to put detachable blades on?

Conventional wisdom says that you should turn your clippers off before taking the blades off and before putting blades onto your clippers, but conventional wisdom is wrong! 

Oster, Andis, and Wahl all state that you should turn your clippers OFF to remove the blades, and they all state that you are to turn the clippers ON to put the new blades on.  That is correct: ON.  Let me say that one more time: Turn your clippers ON before snapping detachable blades onto your clippers.

Just in case you don’t believe, me here is what Oster, Andis, and Wahl each say in an instruction manual for one of their clippers.  You know the instruction manuals, right?  That folded up piece of paper that you didn’t bother unfolding and reading.  Yea, that one.


Oster 76


TO REMOVE: IMPORTANT! STOP MOTOR; lift blade away from clipper and slide off tongue.

TO REPLACE: Turn motor on; insert blade on tongue fully then snap blade into place.


Andis Ultra Edge


To replace or change your blade set, slide the blade bracket onto the hinge of the clipper (Diagram F) and with the clipper turned “ON”, push the blade towards the clipper to lock into position.


Wahl KM10

2) Remove/ replace blade

  • The clipper should be switched off before removing blades. Remove blade. (fig. 5) The cutting head can be removed by pressing the button under the blade and pushing the blade away from the housing. Note: Blade button not available on all models. To refit the blade set, the clipper should be turned on and running. Fit the blade into the metal guide and press it into place. There will be a definite “click” when the blade is snapped in place.


What is the correct way to put detachable blades on?  Turn the clipper on, then snap the blade into place.


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