How often should I get my clipper blades sharpened?

Nebraska Blade’s 16″

The answer to the question is very simple and very complicated:  It depends.

It depends on the type of hair/fur you are cutting.

It depends on how often you use your blades.

It depends on how well you maintain your blades.

It depends on if you oil the blades regularly.

It depends on if you have dropped the blades.

It depends on if the last person to sharpen your blades knew what they were doing.


The bottom line is that YOU must tell your sharpener when your clipper blades need sharpening.  You know your tools, and you know when your clipper blades are no longer cutting like you need them to.  If you follow T.P. C.A.T.S. (here), then you will know if your blades need sharpening or if there are other issues with your blades/clippers that need to be addressed first.

How often should I get my clipper blades sharpened?  As often as necessary to keep your blades cutting smoothly, to keep your blades from pulling hair/fur, and to keep your client’s hair/fur healthy by being cut cleanly and not ripped apart.  Want to give your clients split ends?  Use a dull clipper blade.  Works every time.

There have been people to get their blades sharpened 5 times in a single day because of the incredibly coarse fur that they were cutting.  Coarse fur will dull your blades very quickly.  There are also people who only get their blades sharpened once a year because their usage is low, and they do a good job at maintaining the blades during and after usage.

Keeping your blades sharp helps you cut faster, smother, and will give you a solid foundation to build your skill on.  Dull blades will take up your time, hurt your client, and not give you the freedom to enhance your skills (unless you are trying to become the most skilled hair-professional at cutting with dull blades).

Sharp blades = more money


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